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I am Scatalia, a horny pre-op Shemale Hardsports Escort and a really dirty bitch.  I have a lovely big gaping arsehole, perfect for fisting, fucking and shitting, and a nice thick Shecock, perfect for pushing down your throat and making you gag and puke. Imagine lying there with me squatting over your face....your tongue licking my big puckered hole.  Pull it open and push your tongue far in and, if you are very lucky, taste my delicious kaviar. If you are a good boy maybe I will feed you direct or would you prefer to push your hard cock up my big dirty hole then cum over my arse.  Feeling full!  Then wash it down with a nice glass of my own special reserve.

Whatever your scat preference I am sure I can accommodate your needs. If you are looking to participate in hardsports scat play I am more than happy to discuss the sort of appointment you wish. For obvious reasons I do need 48 hours notice so that I can ensure I have the perfect shit for you.  By the way, I feed and take cock only.  I'm also available for you to video or photograph me shitting, smearing and eating.


  I shit  +  I smear  +  I shit fuck   

I eat (my own)  +  I feed  +  I pee  +  I drink (my own)

I puke (when I can)  Shit-fist me  +  Shit-fuck me

Shit shows (groups, singles...)  


Age  46  +  Statistics  36B-28-38  +  Weight  11 st.  +  Height  70"